Theatre - Hedda Gabler

Landesbühne Hannover
theatre-season: 1999 / 2000
opening night: 26.10.1999
drama by Henrik Ibsen
director: Harald Siebler
set- and costume-design: Tina Kitzing


Everything is on the verge of collapse in the mansion of Tesman, where Hedda Gabler and Jörgen Tesman return to following their honeymoon. The floors of the new home sway like the feelings of Hedda and hardly give any support. Each piece of furniture stands only on three legs and seems to be on the verge collapse. The ingenious but weak Lövborg brings the room and the feelings of Hedda furthermore out of balance

Tesman meanwhile tries to give support by continuously piling books underneath the floor levels. The room is opened up or closed by curtains, moved by Berta the maid to represent the inner or outer space.

A deliberately sensitive handling of the balance in this room is required, until the inevitable catastrophe approaches at the end. The interior designs and costumes refer to the timeless and ever present nature of the human conflicts shown. (Tina Kitzing)

The play begins where others end: with a happy end. The Tesmans have returned from their honeymoon. The spouse Jörgen has high hopes for a professorship and his wife Hedda is pregnant. But Hedda is bored. She didn't marry Tesman out of love: she was attracted by the beautiful house and expected social rise. But Tesman's promotion, which they hoped for, seems endangered. With his new book Hedda's early love Eilert Lövborg becomes a strong competitor. Hedda knows about Lövborg's past alcohol problem and talks him into a gentleman's party with her husband. Lövborg gets drunk and Tesman gets hold of the new manuscript. Lövborg turns to Hedda in his despair, but she pretends to know nothing....

Henrik Ibsen wrote with "Hedda Gabler" in 1890 an ingenious psychological drama. On top of it the author has created a story full of intrigues. (Programme)