Theatre - Hilda

Theater im Haus der Kunst, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel München

theatre-season: 2003 / 2004 / 2005
german first edition: 11.12.2003

drama by Marie Ndiaye

director: Oliver Brunner

set- and costume-design: Tina Kitzing

Tina Kitzing was awarded the Süddeutsche Zeitung award as "Best Newcomer Artist" for her stage and costume design during the season 03/04.

Hilda, the title character, never appears on stage, but she is nevertheless ever present, due to the references made by other people close to her: her employer Madame Lemarchand, her husband Franck and her sister Corinne.

The stage design shows a closed cylindrical object, consisting of various old doors. It occupies the spacious but otherwise empty stage of the "Haus der Kunst" (stage of the Munich Staatstheater) like a bizarre comet. As the play begins, two doors open up suddenly and the audience gains an insight into Madame's sterile room.

It is a strategy game of loss and change of identity, in which Hilda becomes the projection screen for the longings of the Madame. Methodically she tries to manipulate her opponent Franck and to gradually win him over to her side.

The object on stage revolves to the sound of a music box and to open up new insights into the inside of a cell-like condensed system of spaces, where only the Madame seems to rule. Her house and garden, as well as Franck's kitchen and the spaces in-between create an object containing many unexpected facets. Madame's costume represents the plain elegance of an affluent society, in contrast to the plain everyday clothes of Franck and Corinne.

During the play the Madame's costumes become more and more colourful with the colour of life - the life of Hilda.