Dance - Ice dance

The German ice dance couple:
Kati Winkler und René Lohse

costums: Tina Kitzing

German championship 1999

Europe championship 2000

World Championship 2000

The costume design for Ice Dance was a special challenge for me. The intentions of the dance theme and the expression of music had to be pictorially conveyed by the costumes.

A discussion with the dancers and management on the underlying concept is mandatory in order to understand the intentions.

The costumes need to display an interaction between the movements and the expressions of the dancing couple. The intended effect has to work from great distance, for the spectator in the stadium, as well as in close-up, for the views of the TV-cameras. There are strict guidelines given by the jury for the design of the costumes as well, e.g. the minimum length of the skirt for the ladies and long trousers for the men

The remaining freedom of design has to be explored by using special cutting techniques for the material, by choosing elastic fabrics or by decorating the costume with special elements.