Dance - E=mc˛

Staatstheater Stuttgart opening night: 24.06.1999
World premiere by the Stuttgarter Ballett
choreographer: Jean Christophe Blavier
set-design: Tina Kitzing
light-design: Steven Scott


E=mc˛ does not have a story line in a conventional sense, which poses a great challenge. With E=mc˛ I wanted to build a bridge between abstraction and drama. It is not only a mathematical formula but further-more it includes spiritual principles for me.

The central character in E = mc˛ represents a human being, who finds enlightenment in his observation of these principles and phenomena of nature.
(J. C. Blavier)

The choreography takes on the challenge to make the clear, physical energy visible by means of ballet and stage design. Choreography and set mirror the elementary physical relationships, which determine the composition of our universe.

Coloured pinnacles are created, rearranged and moved around in this space of energy and thus create different ambients in the theatre space.

The dancers personify energy and interact with the similarly energetic pinnacle shapes. An interplay between energy and mass is being created, which are in proportion to each other according to Einstein's equation E = mc˛.

Dynamic and static powers are being expressed in the interplay between human and geometrical bodies, supported by large-scale projections of flowing water. (Tina Kitzing)