Dance - between midnight and morning : Swanlake

Staatsoper Hannover theatre-season: 2003 / 2004 / 2005
opening night: 31.01.2004
music: Peter I. Tschaikowski
music director: Markus Frank
choreographer: Stephan Thoss
set- and costume-design Tina Kitzing
dramaturgy: Anja von Witzler

Stephan Thoss interprets this complex network of relationships between four individuals: Odette, Odile, Siegfried and Rotbart. He transfers the legend from the original fairytale-like story to the present time and transforms the classic qualities of good and evil into strengths and weaknesses. The stage set is a clear and abstract space. Huge panes and moveable set elements create a modern urban lounge, where dancers representing youth meet and present themselves "between midnight and morning".

The "outfit" aims to support the individuality of each person however at the same time everybody is uniformed in accordance with the fashion trends of today. One organic element exists in this stylised atmosphere: a chair formed like a drop, symbolising the Lake of Tears from the historical fairy tale. After the party Odette, disappointed by relationships, nestles herself into the drop and seemingly submerges into it as her shelter. The abstract room slowly dissolves and huge feathers are drawn in, representing the protective plumage of the wing of a swan. Odette takes off her formal dress and puts on a torn and dirty tutu, showing marks already received by former emotional injuries. As part of a ritual, a stripe is painted on her back to indicate the affiliation to a group of like-minded swans. Odette approaches the lounge yet another time. It is changed in such a way, that the walls are opened wide to give insight into the play between Siegfried and Odile, directed by Rotbart. Deceived and hurt again in her love, she returns to her shelter and fights to remain faithful to herself.