Dance - Der Sturm / The Tempest

Bayerisches Nationaltheater München
Bayerisches Staatsballett
opening night: 8.12.2007
ballet in 2 acts by William Shakespeare
music: Anton Bruckner, Jean Sibelius,
Peter I. Tschaikowsky
choreographer: Jörg Mannes
set-design: Tina Kitzing

In his play The Tempest Shakespeare provided only basic descriptions for the settings, which lead to a flood of images however.

My aim was to create a constantly alterable stage design that lets space for connotations and is calling for the imagination of the audience. I searched for components which could symbolize “earth”, “water” and “air”, the basic elements of the play.

As I was always intrigued by historical theatre techniques and ways to create differing images through simple transformations I found inspiration in stage engineering once again.

I used “periacts”, three-sided, revolving prisms which can exemplify various rooms by displaying one of their differently painted surfaces.

For example by moving horizontal elements slowly against each other it is possible to represent the movement of the seas as the starting image of the ship wreckage that is the initial setting of the ballet.

By using five horizontal and three vertical periacts and moving and repositioning them in any desired combination it was possible to create a multitude of different images. The surfaces had different designs and additionally these were changed during the interval. The edges contained light elements. This set design distinguished itself through its movements.

The set design was awarded the 2008 Opus price based on the innovative technical realisation of a classical stage design using periacts in combination with modern media and lighting technology.