Opera - La scala di seta

Berlins Volkstheater Hansa
a production of the Berliner Kammeroper
opening night: 26.07.2000
chamber opera by Gioacchino Rossini
musical director: Brynmor Jones
director: Kay Kuntze
set-design: Tina Kitzing
dramaturgy: Jens Schubbe


This everlasting comedy of love against obstacles, condensed into one act, offers Rossini a fast paced setting for a nuance rich and imaginative musical firework. (Berliner Kammeroper)

This production connects content and location of the venue to an excursion into the good old time of the "Revuetheater" (vaudeville).

The set is made up from a giant sheet of music with two or three dimensional elements. Staves, notes, stems of the notes and other musical symbols are multifunctional and are used during the performance in a variety of ways.

There are always surprises in the use of the set: notes suddenly turn into pieces of furniture, or windows, doors, swings, into a gondola or allow for stage entrances and exits.

In the beginning the relationships between the characters on stage seem to be in best order, but they entangle themselves more and more during the progress of the opera.

The increasing confusion is also reflected in the set design. At first everything is tidily arranged. From time to time one note after the other drops from their assigned place, until a variable sculpture park made out of notes is being created in front of an empty sheet of music. It offers opportunities for a hide and seek game and the resolution.