Opera - Orfeo ed Euridice

Schloßtheater Schönbrunn, Wien
theatre-season: 2000 / 2001
opening night: 19.06.2001
opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck
director: Marianne Loy
set-design: Tina Kitzing


The coffin of the deceased Euridice is laid out in the foyer of the Schlosstheater Schönbrunn. Funeral guests lament her death while welcoming the audience. A funeral procession leads everybody from the foyer into the auditorium. All members of the audience receive a white rose to throw upon Euridice's coffin, which has been lowered into the orchestra pit.

On stage Orfeo, his friends and relatives mourn in front of an abstract casket wall of a crematorium. Amor suddenly jumps out of the coffin, dressed as a clown, and invites Orfeo to climb down into the underworld.

On his quest to find his female side, Orfeo enters the gash in the backdrop resembling a vagina. The inner and outer world is interchanged by reversing the backdrop. Inside the red and warm womb, the Elysium, Orfeo encounters the Happy Shadows of the underworld, which keep the waters of birth running.

Orfeo finally meets Euridice and the situation suddenly shifts. Both find themselves in an everyday kitchen setting, where the familiar marital quarrel is revived. The quarrel centres on the conditions of her rescue; however Orfeo is not allowed to mention these.

Bygone situations of the couple's past are performed by a dancing couple.

Orfeo's true love to Euridice is being tested to the limit.

Clown Amor appears and averts the tragedy by covering the past with white satin sheet. As a sign of true love he lets all his fellow clowns pierce the little love heart with a giant arrow