Opera - L'elisir d'amore

Deutsche Oper am Rhein
opening night: 9.2.2008

Komische Oper
music: Gaetano Donizetti
director: Andras Fricsay
set-design: Tina Kitzing

L´Elisier d´Amore, translated as „the love potion“ is light-hearted play of love relationships with comical elements.

The set design depicts a mountain scene and to underscore their model character the scene is dominated by a hugely oversized lady. This represents the starting point for a play with proportions and size shifts, citing as well the “small-worldedness” of the rustic idyll in which the opera is set. Silhouette-like props support the different scenes, the play of relations and the “magic” of the love potion. The props are a reference to the alpine scenery and one can find among other things a flock of sheep, cows, a crucifix and mountaineers heading for the cross on the summit of the mountain as part of the scenery.

The oversized hut in the design of a traditional alpine weather station complete with revolving puppets has an exceptional importance as by changing its appearance it indicates different settings.

As actors in their natural size play with props and settings the eyes of the audience are constantly deceived. Above the humorous resides the goddess of love.