Trade Fair - Caramba

Automechanika 13. - 18.09.1994
International trade fair for equipping of car repair shops, petrol stations, car-spare parts and accessories

Trade Fair, Frankfurt am Main

Exhibition space for the company
Caramba Chemie GmbH & Co. KG

Art direction,
Supervision of realisation and
Tina Kitzing

Several products for car care were presented at this exhibition stand:

Anti-corrosive agents
Paintwork care
Windscreen cleaning

The importance of the car care products is emphasised by altering the size of these products.

Not only the packaging, but also the car care products themselves are placed into the limelight using colour, form, motion and lighting, so that they can be connected with the car and its maintainable parts in a humorous, imaginative way.

The visitor's curiosity is arisen and will be involved with all his senses into space design of the stand. He can experience first hand how certain products benefit humans and their cars.
(Tina Kitzing)