Trade Fair - Balver Zinn

Hannover Messe, Productronica München, SMT - Nürnberg

Exhibition space for the company
Balver Zinn

1.Exhibition-space: 1999
2.Exhibition-space: 2001

Concept and design: Tina Kitzing
Choreography Marc Bogaerts

The first idea of this concept was to create an exhibition stand made completely out of tin. The material is fascinating due to its different aggregate states.

Therefore I designed a stand which appears to be completely cast in tin - containing textured wall elements of the wall with smoothed corners and inserted display cabinets, where the products are presented. Colourful human shapes seem to climb up the walls and appeared to be frozen in a state of melting - the symbol of the fusion of humans and material.

The idea of fusion was applied and carried on in the design of the succeeding exhibition stand.

The outer form of the stand resembled the first with the appearance of a landscape made out of tin. However, this time the human figures were immersed into the material. Dancers behind a flexible screen formed a moveable surface.

Thus a constantly visually changing exhibition stand full of surprises was created. The wall's material seemed to be flowing and to be alive, which attracted a lot of attention. A fascination for visitors and clients and transmitted a long-lasting impression.