Event - Countdown EXPO 2000

Maschsee, Hannover, 5. - 7.09.1997

This three day event took place on the occasion of the 1000-day-countdown until the opening of the World Exhibition- EXPO 2000 in Hannover.
It attracted 500.000 visitors at Hanover's Masch Lake and had 529 Mio media-contacts all over the world.

Opening event: 5.09.1997

The Event was served to present the eleven themes based on the slogan of the World exhibition 2000: "Human - Nature - Technology".

Themes: Human - Environment - Basic Needs - Nutrition - Health - Energy - Mobility - The Future of Work - Knowledge, Information, Communication - The Future of the Past - The 21. Century.

Design, concept
and artistic supervision:

Tina Kitzing

hree live TV-shows for ZDF, NDR and MTV were transmitted from a floating stage upon a lake, including one mega-screen (75sqm) and four water-screens (each 30m wide).

Among the guests and performers were Joe Cocker, the Weather Girls, Tic Tac Toe, as well as more than twenty other international stars. As a multimedia extravaganza the "EXPO 2000 thematic show" was presented on the main stage.

A little boy acts as the focal point of the event. He drifts in a boat on the Masch lake in Hannover and poses many questions about the 11 themes of the EXPO 2000. The contents of the 11 themes are expressed by different dance and acting performances, using the latest special effects and visual media. A theatrical foretaste for the World Exhibition with the motto: Human - Nature - Technology.
(Tina Kitzing)