Event - Hundertwasser the musical

Theater Uelzen theatre-season: 2003 / 2004
opening night: 30.07.2004
Musical by
Konstantin Wecker and Rolf Rettberg
musical director: Manfred Knaak
director: Gerhard Weber
choreografy: Birgit Relitzki
set-design: Tina Kitzing
dramaturgy: Peter Oppermann







Friedensreich Hundertwasser, 1928 - 2000, Austrian painter and architect. The tradition of the Austrian Art Nouveau is carried on in his strong, colourful, ornamental, interwoven pictures

The spiral represented for Hundertwasser the symbol of life.

The flashbacks into his eventful life are enveloped in a stage set, which takes up the theme of the spiral and develops out of it.

Shortly before he dies in New Zealand, Hundertwasser looks back on his life, which began in Vienna. Like in a cut-out silhouette, different symbols cut through the spiral of life and point towards drastic experiences and many changes of location in his life.

A silver swastika mills itself through the colourful picture and characterises the atrocities of the Nazi-regime.
Segments of the Eiffel tower represent Paris, the city, where his career as an artist began.
The statue of liberty symbolises America, a number of little bridges and gondolas Venice and the Prater his hometown Vienna.

The connecting element between all these different places is his ship "Regentag". He travelled to many continents on this ship, it also being his place of refuge. The ship or parts of it are omnipresent and symbolise the journey through his life.