Exhibition - The miracle of the digestive system


Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden

15.06.1995 - 1.01.2001

concept: Dr. Alexandra Schmidt
design: Tina Kitzing
light-design: Hanns-Joachim Haas
slide-illustrations: Jutta Williams
narrator: Otto Sander



The human being is a unique miracle and so is his digestion.

The aim of the exhibition is to show that people themselves can take care of their health.

Colourful organs of the digestive system and a giant mouth invite the visitor to take place in a 9-cornered pavilion.

The semi-shaded room inside a dome-shaped pavilion symbolises the mass of cells inside the human body. Everything is in motion in this room and bowel sounds are audible.

Whilst the visitor can eat a piece of bread, the subject of digestion is illustrated by a 15min long multimedia slide-show, to communicate the most important criteria for a healthy metabolism.

When creating text and pictures, special care was taken to illustrate and simplify complex interconnections.

Display cabinets are integrated into the outside walls of the presentation pavilion containing explanatory texts and historic models relating to the subject of digestion, provided by the museum. The whole pavilion is encircled by an incandescent and moveable colon and small intestine.