Exhibition - EXPO 2000 Theme park

World exhibition with the motto:
human - nature - technology

Hannover, Expo-area, 1.06. - 31.10.2000

art director of the thematic area: François Confino

designs for the themes:
Planet of vision, future of work

scenography: Tina Kitzing

In 1997 nine young, international scenographers gathered in France to draw up first designs for the thematic area for the Expo 2000 "human - nature - technology".

As the only German in the team Tina Kitzing designed two thematic areas each with a floorspace of 10.000 sqm.

In "Future of the Past - Planet of Vision" the visitor is transferred back to the year 1000 by taking part in an excavation -a time which is the starting point for many developments of today and the future.

Visions, utopias, predictions and apocalyptic beliefs can be experienced in the island garden. In its midst the tower of Babel is being rebuilt.

Humans, who created utopias in the past and present, stand next to each other in the Avenue of Utopians. They lead the visitors to the world of science fiction.

The visitors move along the trails of prognosis in the area of future predictions, which leads them up into the real world of the year 2000.

Now they themselves are the future. The visitors encounter pictures of past, present and futuristic workplaces in the first area of "Future of Work".

Three gigantic cog wheels rotate in the "Factory of Existences", where one can experience the key messages of the theme: globalisation, global-local interaction und change of values.

Liberated ants ask for a dance and give way to let the visitors choose a personal scenario of the future of work.