Exhibition - 7 Hills

Images and signs of the 21st century

Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin
14.05. - 29.10.2000

An exhibition by Berliner Festspiele for the millennium 2000
The 7 hills represent the 7 themes of the exhibition for the future: core, jungle, space, civilisation, faith, knowledge and dream.

theme: jungle
collect, arrange, protect: from the diversity of live to the culture of nature
scientific concept:
Eleonore Hein, Dr. Jasdan Joerges
design: Tina Kitzing



The jungle theme of the 7 hills exhibition covered six different rooms of the Martin-Gropius-Bau. Gigantic ants lead to the first room "Screams and Whispers", from where the evening-chorus of the jungle echoes.

The ground becomes softer and softer, and with the eyes closed one feels as if one is in the middle of a rain forest. But it is an abstract forest - seen through the eyes of arts and science. The theme is Bio-diversity - the variety of life.

n the room "Gens Thierleben" the visitor finds himself inside a gigantic gilded treasure box. The artistic treasures of bygone pictures of nature can be seen here.

Creative monkeys, photogenic dogs, becoming beetles and talkative dolphins are waiting for company in the room "Wal-verwandschaften".

The visitor dives into the blue temple of the night of the goddess Kali in the room "The eyes of the goddess". She guides the visitors through virtual worlds, where they can experience her visions of nature in a sensual way.

The visitor may take a seat on a tiger-sofa in the room "Cats and Chats - Tiger in the net". Immersed into a plush setting, the myth of the tiger is glamorised. Behind this trendy facade the tiger remains a symbol of endangered nature.

The last room "Nature in a drawer" shows the variety of life, which is being kept and archived in drawers, glasses and shelves.