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Exhibition - The joy of the cao

Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit, Mannheim
15.9.2004 - 1.5.2005

Dr. Kurt Möser
Dr. Rüdiger Seltz
Prof. Dr. Gert Schmidt
design: Tina Kitzing




n this special exhibition the Landesmuseum traces the history of the car as an object of reverence and fascination from the 1950's up to the present time.

For many people the car is more than just a technical object and more than a simple means of transport: it is a personal mobility machine, a moving piece of art in itself, a lifestyle-object. The car is adventure, emotion, lust and burden. It reaches out to all our senses and for many people the car is the centre of their life..

In the exhibition the visitors can learn a lot about themselves and their frequently hidden passions about the car during a journey trough the world of the motorised life.

The first exhibition area presents different eras of the automobile evolution from 1945 until today - from being a humble means of transport up to the fully equipped mobility machine.

Another area demonstrates that the love affair of the Germans with their car can lead to the car being treated almost as a sacred object. The visitor can experience different points of view about the "canonisation" of the car in this "sacral"-like designed room, until they reach the idea of "the car itself".

A journey through the car with plenty of surprises unfolds before the visitor. The tour is structured into the most important components of the car: boot, back seats, front seats with steering wheel and dashboard, motor, outer body. They form separate exhibition areas to explore with oversized representations of the components and appeal to all of the visitor's senses.

At the end of the journey through the car the visitor finds himself in the spotlight of the headlights, which illuminate the future of auto-mobility in a visionary light.